About AthleteOne

AthleteOne is software designed to help coaches and personal trainers become more productive with their coaching business and working with their athletes. The idea is the brainchild of a longtime endurance athlete and coach. The original concept began to take shape during one of those long training rides in the summer of 2013 while trying to figure out how to manage more athletes. This quickly led to a search for new tools and applications to help become more efficient at managing athletes and the business. Though that search ultimately resulted in dead ends, it confirmed the realization that the single application needed to manage both the full athlete life cycle and the business didn’t exist. So with an increasing resolve to find a solution, and an already deep and extensive background in application development, the decision was made to build what would become AthleteOne and share it with other coaches.

The long-term vision for AthleteOne is to have an all-in-one coaching software that includes robust business features of it’s own while also leveraging integration opportunities with other system like PayPal™ and Google Calendar™.

About 9K Software, LLC

9K Software, LLC was founded by two endurance athletes whose sole focus is developing and growing the AthleteOne application. The company was founded high in the Rocky Mountains at just over 9,000 feet above sea level. 9K Software, LLC is the whole owner of AthleteOne and its pending trademarks.