Accept Bank ACH Payments

AthleteOne has introduced a features to improve the payment process for athletes and coaches. The new athlete payment options allows athletes to pay with Bank ACH payments.  This new payment option will also save coaches money on their transaction fee, costing .8% per transaction.  Over a year this saving could end up paying for your AthleteOne subscription.

Accept Bank ACH Payments

credit card and bank ach payments

AthleteOne Payment Methods

As a coach you can now set up your AthleteOne account to integrate with Stripe to accept Bank ACH payments from your athletes. This exciting new feature give Athletes another option to pay for coaching services.  While some people to not want to use their credit card online this option gives them another choice to easily make payments.

Our Stripe ACH integration is fast and easy to use for Athletes by providing an instant bank account verification.  There is no need to manually enter the account and routing numbers and issue micro deposits.  Once the Athlete connects to their bank the payment is instant.


  • Reduces transaction fee, .8% ($5 max) vs 2.9% +$.30
  • Increased athlete retention
  • Significantly reduces past due payments
  • Keeps coach and athlete focused on training
  • Simple, easy and fast payment processing
  • Remembers bank account for easier and faster payment processing
  • Automated payment reconciliation with Athletes

Cost Savings

When an Athlete pays with a Bank Account the transaction fee from Stripe is .8% with a maximum of $5.00.  This can lead to significant savings, putting more money back in your pocket and potentially paying for your yearly AthleteOne subscription.   See the breakdown of costs when using a Bank ACH payment vs Credit Card or PayPal

Stripe ACH Fees
For a $200 charge  the first time fees look like this
Stripe fee: .8% , $1.60
Application fee: $3.00
Fees $4.60
Deposited: $195.40
Fees after first use:
For a $200 charge the fees look like this
Stripe fee: .8% , $1.60
Application fee: $0.00
Fees $1.60
Deposited: $198.40
Stripe Credit Card and PayPal Fees
For a $200 Credit/Debit charge the fees look like this
Stripe fee: 2.9% +.30 , $6.10
Application fee: $0.00
Fees $6.10
Deposited: $193.90

Start using and Save

AthleteOne accounts already connected to Stripe will already have the Bank ACH payments enabled.  If your AthleteOne account isn’t connected to Stripe follow the link below to connect.   Once you are connected notify your athletes of the new payment option and begin saving on your payment transaction fees.

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