AthleteOne Product Update: Accept Credit Cards From Athletes

The May 6 update of AthleteOne includes a new feature to allow coaches to accept credit cards from athletes.  In addition, there is a new look as we updated the application with new colors to match our branding.

New Features

  • Added a new Integration with Stripe to accept credit cards from athletes.  With the Stripe integration coaches can now accept credit cards and soon direct bank debits (ACH) from their athletes.  The Stripe integration is a beta feature and not enabled on all accounts.  To have Stripe enabled on your account please request access by contacting support.
  • Added ability to refund a payment (currently only with available with payments from Stripe)


  • Updated the top menu, buttons and links colors have changed to match our branding and public website.

Issues Resolved

  • The Overdue Invoice Summary dashboard chart now excludes queued invoices.

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