AthleteOne Product Update: July 2018

The July 2018 update of AthleteOne includes a new AthletePortal to manage invoices and automate payment settings.  The Athlete Portal helps the coach save time by allowing their athletes manage their payment options.   Enhancements to our expense system allows you to download transactions from Canadian banks.


  • Athlete Portal – Now your athletes can login to AthleteOne and view and pay their invoices.  Athletes can also manage their Automated payment settings. More
  • Canadian Bank Support – You can now connect to Canadian banks to download transactions to record and manage your coaching business expenses


  • Removed Facebook profile pictures for Athlete avatar
  • Athletes are notified of payment failure

Issues Resolved

  • Saving an invoice as Draft now correctly sets the invoice status to Draft
  • Invoices setup for automated payments are now sent on the correct schedule
  • Invoice payment status isn’t updated after payment is made.
  • Duplicate payments from PayPal are now removed
  • Lead Form email is now updatable
  • Athlete paying with existing credit card fails to process payment