AthleteOne 0.23.0 Release

The AthleteOne 0.23.0 Release adds customizable Email and Invoice Templates to improve Athlete communication and now supports additional currencies.

New Features

  • Email Templates allow you to create custom, reusable emails to send to one or more of your contacts.  Now you create one message and resend it multiple times to different people.  You can use Email Templates to welcome new athletes, send a questionnaire, respond to a lead or send details to a group about weekly rides or training plans.
  • Invoice Templates allow you customize our default Invoice emails to provide a more personal touch to your billing communications that meets your specific business needs. The Invoice Template editor includes a variety of formatting options.
  • A Rich Text editor has been added to the Account Signature and Email forms so you can now customize the fonts, colors, style, and add tables and images to your emails, Account Signature, and the new Email Templates and Invoice Templates.
  • Additional Currencies allow users to select a default currency for your AthleteOne Account but still change the currency on individual and recurring invoices. The currency on the invoice is sent to the payment processor so your customers can pay in the selected currency.


  • Email page now is the full size of the browser page for easier editing.
  • You can now schedule an invoice to send at a future date. The invoice is now sent on the Invoice Date.
  • Added a “None” option to the Coach selection on an invoice item. This is only available to accounts with multiple users.
  • You can now send an email directly from the individual Athlete or Lead page with the Email button or by clicking their email address link.

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed issues when adding or changing a Contact on a Task or Note.
  • Fixed intermittent issue with the date picker on Expenses and Tasks.

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