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Effective Lead Management to Grow Your Coaching Business

The athletes you coach and train are the foundation of your business. They provide the steady revenue you need to stay in business and the stability you need to grow. But that stability can be easily disrupted when athletes discontinue the use of your services. While you can’t always control the things that cause your […]

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Automated Expense Management for Coaches and Personal Trainers

Mention business expenses to most coaches and personal trainers and you’ll see them visibly cringe. But like it or not, the effective management of those costs associated with operating your business is crucial to its overall financial health and long-term success. The biggest challenge facing coaches and personal trainers is keeping their business expenses organized. […]

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The Benefits of Using Automated Payments

Now coaches and athletes can reap all the benefits of using Automated Payments in AthleteOne. Our new Automated Payments feature provides a secure, convenient method for your athletes to pay their AthleteOne invoices via PayPal. Coaches choose which athletes/invoices are set up for Automated Payments in AthleteOne. The athlete just needs to authorize the automatic […]

Manage User Access to Your AthleteOne Account

Today we’re announcing a new user Permissions feature that will give you better control over how you manage user access to your AthleteOne account. As an AthleteOne account owner, you can now select the type of permission a user has when you send out the invitation to access your account. You can also easily change the permission of a user at […]

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How Do You Manage Your Coaching Business Priorities?

The ability to focus your attention on the task at hand and remain focused during week after week of training and racing is a trait that often separates elite athletes and coaches from the rest of the pack. But when it comes to the ability to manage your coaching business priorities effectively, you need more just than just […]

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How Do You Manage Your Coaching Business Finances?

It may sound like obvious advice, but it’s much easier to manage your coaching business finances when you use the right tool for the job. Creating manual invoices, managing multiple spreadsheets, filing receipts in a shoebox, and paying additional monthly fees to use just a fraction of the features your cloud accounting application provides is definitely not […]

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How Do You Keep Your Coaching Business Organized?

It’s an almost overwhelming thought for most of us when we consider how to get any part of our life organized and keep it organized. With the seemingly endless To-Do list of things to take care of each day, we easily lose track of important tasks and occasionally forget to do something entirely. But as a coach or personal trainer […]

Invite Additional Users

We can all use a little help sometimes. That’s why we’ve introduced a new feature that allows you to invite additional users to your Account in the April release of AthleteOne. So whether you just have one assistant coach or a large group of coaches, personal trainers and nutritionists, we’ve got you covered. You can invite as […]

Professionally Formatted Email

We’ve been doing a little spring cleaning here at AthleteOne and decided it was time to give our emails a little polish. Our April release includes all professionally formatted email. Now all of the email and notifications your athletes, leads and shared users receive are organized, clear and consistent. We realize that looks aren’t everything. But there’s […]

Athlete and Coach Notifications

Today we are excited to announce a powerful new Notifications feature in AthleteOne. We received some great feedback from our users requesting the ability to receive automated notifications about important occurrences in AthleteOne. And we listened. The new Athlete and Coach Notifications feature is configured per Account and will send automatic emails to you and your coaches or Athletes. Past […]