Accept Bank ACH Payments

AthleteOne has introduced a features to improve the payment process for athletes and coaches. The new athlete payment options allows athletes to pay with Bank ACH payments.  This new payment option will also save coaches money on their transaction fee, costing .8% per transaction.  Over a year this saving could end up paying for your AthleteOne […]

track business expenses

Track business expenses and save money

If you are running a business it’s likely you have expenses.  There are a number of items you can record as your expenses; office material, postage, website, software, service fees etc.  These expenses should be recorded and used as tax deductions.   Using AthleteOne you can track business expenses and save money on your quarterly or yearly […]

Introducing the AthleteOne Athlete Portal

We are excited to announce the new AthleteOne Athlete Portal.  The new Athlete Portal is a self-service app for athletes that use AthleteOne to pay for their coaching services.    Now athletes can securely view all their past invoices, current invoices and make payments.  Additionally, they can update their profile and automated payment settings. The […]

AthleteOne Product Update: July 2018

The July 2018 update of AthleteOne includes a new AthletePortal to manage invoices and automate payment settings.  The Athlete Portal helps the coach save time by allowing their athletes manage their payment options.   Enhancements to our expense system allows you to download transactions from Canadian banks. Features Athlete Portal – Now your athletes can login to […]

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How to Spend More Time Coaching Your Athletes

Most endurance coaches and personal trainers already understand the critical value of spending more time with their athletes. Coaches who commit the extra time to develop and strengthen relationships with their athletes also build trust, improve communication, and see more consistent results in less time. But for coaches and personal trainers who have other careers […]

Improved PayPal Support for Athletes and Coaches

We recently improved our support for PayPal to provide more functionality to coaches and athletes when paying with PayPal. Our PayPal integration now includes a new payment workflow that is easier and faster for athletes to use.FeaturesThe improved PayPal support for athletes and coaches provides a number of features that simplify the payment process using […]

New Athlete Payment Options: Credit Card and Automated Payments

AthleteOne has introduced two new features to improve the payment process for athletes and coaches. The first of new athlete payment options allows athletes to pay with credit/debit cards as a payment method. The second option allows athletes to set up automated payments. These new athlete payment options greatly improve the payment process by providing […]

AthleteOne Product Update: Strava and Today’s Plan Integration

We are excited and proud to introduce our General Availability release of AthleteOne 1.0. This release moves us out of the Beta phase and adds some exciting new features, including integrations with Strava™ and Today’s Plan. The release also unveils our tiered subscription pricing with a Free Plan and 3 Paid Plan options to align […]

Better File Storage for Your Coaching Business

AthleteOne provides you with better file storage for your coaching business. Whether it’s a new marketing strategy or a better race strategy, a training video or a podium shot you get from an athlete, you’ll be able to find the file you need when you need it. That’s because AthleteOne lets you store all of […]

AthleteOne Relationship Management for coaches and personal trainers

Improve Coach-Athlete Communication

Effective and Efficient Communication with your Athletes Working to improve Coach-Athlete communication is easily one of the best ways to improve client satisfaction and athlete results. But while most coaches and personal trainers understand the importance of clear communication, many don’t do it often enough or very well. And that’s mainly due to the fact […]