AthleteOne Product Update: April 2019

The April 2019 update of AthleteOne adds to productivity features to make your coaching activities more efficient and effective. Features A new contact type of Vendor has been added.  The Vendor contact allows you to record and track your partners and suppliers for a single place to manage your business contacts.  You can also create invoices […]

AthleteOne Product Update: October 2018

The October 2018 update of AthleteOne includes a new payment method for Athletes that saves Coaches money. Features Athletes can now pay for invoices using their bank account.  This feature also reduces the transaction fee to .8% vs 2.9% + $.30.  More Coaches can now apply partial payments to invoices. Coaches can now apply the payment […]

AthleteOne Product Update: July 2018

The July 2018 update of AthleteOne includes a new AthletePortal to manage invoices and automate payment settings.  The Athlete Portal helps the coach save time by allowing their athletes manage their payment options.   Enhancements to our expense system allows you to download transactions from Canadian banks. Features Athlete Portal – Now your athletes can login to […]

AthleteOne Product Update: Manual Payments and Repeating Tasks

The January 2018 update of AthleteOne includes a couple of enhancements to help you stay more organized in your coaching business. Features none Enhancements Added ability to have Tasks repeat on a selected interval. Added the ability to have a task assigned to a coach You can now make a payment that is not related to […]

AthleteOne Product Update: Automated Payments

The August 2017 update of AthleteOne includes automated payments for the Stripe and PayPal.  This feature allows athletes to pay for recurring coaching fees automatically so the coach and athlete can focus on training. Features Added ability for Athletes to set up automated payments for invoices created from recurring invoice profiles.  Automated Payments is supported by […]

AthleteOne Product Update: PayPal Improvements

The July update of AthleteOne includes an update to the PayPal integration and improved workflow for athletes to pay invoices. Enhancements Improved the integration with PayPal. The new integration allows coaches to issue refunds on PayPal transactions from AthleteOne, and provided a new payment workflow.  The new PayPal integration is a beta feature and not enabled on […]

AthleteOne Product Update: Accept Credit Cards From Athletes

The May 6 update of AthleteOne includes a new feature to allow coaches to accept credit cards from athletes.  In addition, there is a new look as we updated the application with new colors to match our branding. New Features Added a new Integration with Stripe to accept credit cards from athletes.  With the Stripe integration coaches can […]

AthleteOne Product Update: Strava and Today’s Plan Integration

We are excited and proud to introduce our General Availability release of AthleteOne 1.0. This release moves us out of the Beta phase and adds some exciting new features, including integrations with Strava™ and Today’s Plan. The release also unveils our tiered subscription pricing with a Free Plan and 3 Paid Plan options to align […]

AthleteOne 0.25.0 Release

AthleteOne has been notified by TrainingPeaks that their API has reached EOL (“end-of-life”) and will be sunset on December 7, 2016. Since the API is what has allowed us to access TrainingPeaks data and present it in AthleteOne, we will no longer be able to offer these features at the present time.  This release removes […]

AthleteOne 0.24.0 Release

The AthleteOne 0.24.0 Release improves the user interface and the invoice service. New Features Table View option added for the Contacts, Tasks and Notes pages. Support for refunds initiated from PayPal. Removed the Welcome Page and added a short Tour for new users. Files now support folders and the ability to rename files and change the association. […]