AthleteOne 0.23.0 Release

The AthleteOne 0.23.0 Release adds customizable Email and Invoice Templates to improve Athlete communication and now supports additional currencies. New Features Email Templates allow you to create custom, reusable emails to send to one or more of your contacts.  Now you create one message and resend it multiple times to different people.  You can use Email […]

AthleteOne 0.22 Release

This AthleteOne release includes major changes to the user interface.  We introduced a new top navigation, and provided direct access to data with a single click.  We also improved the filtering of the Contacts by allowing you to see and filter all of your contacts (Athletes and Leads), Tasks, Notes and Files all in one place.  Many […]

AthleteOne 0.21.0 Release

The AthleteOne 0.21.0 Release automates the way you manage your coaching and personal training business expenses. By allowing you to connect your Bank Accounts to AthleteOne, you can now automatically download your business expense transactions. This new feature will help you save time, improve accuracy, and give you better visibility into the financial health of […]

AthleteOne 0.20.0 Release

The AthleteOne 0.20.0 Release introduces the ability to set up and receive Automated Payments from your Athletes. Now it’s even easier for your Athletes to pay their Invoices. Coaches can now create an invoice that generates a PayPal Subscription for an Athlete to automate the entire payment process in AthleteOne. We’ve also added some features to […]

AthleteOne 0.19.0 Release

The AthleteOne 0.19.0 Release will help coaches continue to improve how they manage their Athletes and Leads. New Dashboard graphs provide better insight into your Athletes and Leads. You’ll have more information to help manage and grow your coaching business. New Features Dashboard graph showing Athlete Tags By Coach. This graph shows total Athletes for […]

AthleteOne 0.18.0 Release

The AthleteOne 0.18.0 Release focuses on continuing to build out our Leads functionality. The highlight of this release is the launch of our new Lead Web Form feature. Now you can automate the way you capture and create Leads in AthleteOne from your website and Facebook page. New Features Added a Lead Web Form to […]

AthleteOne 0.17.0 Release

The AthleteOne Team has focused its attention on improving the way other users interact with your account in the AthleteOne 0.17.0 Release. We’ve enhanced and simplified the user invitation workflow and added User Permissions in this release to enable account owners to allow and restrict access to specific information on their account. Now it’s even easier to have other users […]

AthleteOne 0.16.0 Release

New Features Adding tax and shipping fields and calculations to invoices Overrides PayPal Tax and Shipping defaults setup in the PayPal account Allow export of payments to a Quickbooks formatted file Enhancements Added Account logo to the invoice emails. Added account name to email from field. Show all tags in dropdown list for Leads and Athletes Create […]

AthleteOne 0.15.0 Release

The AthleteOne team is pleased to announce the Release of AthleteOne 0.15.0. The AthleteOne 0.15.0 Release is focused on enhancements to our Invoices, many of which were suggested by our users (thank you!). These enhancements continue to simplify and streamline the invoicing process for you and your athletes. And, of course, we’ve also taken the opportunity to fix a few issues. […]

AthleteOne 0.13.0 Release

The AthleteOne team is pleased to announce the April 2015 Release of AthleteOne 0.13.0. The AthleteOne 0.13.0 Release continues to build on our foundation of powerful, easy-to-use features and functionality. We remain focused on developing one application that will help you improve the everyday management of your business and your athletes. The new features and enhancements in this Release will help […]