Effective Lead Management to Grow Your Coaching Business

Grow Business GraphThe athletes you coach and train are the foundation of your business. They provide the steady revenue you need to stay in business and the stability you need to grow. But that stability can be easily disrupted when athletes discontinue the use of your services. While you can’t always control the things that cause your athletes to leave, you can take control of the process you use to attract new clients and convert them to paying customers.¬†That’s why it’s so important to make lead management a priority for your coaching business.

Lead management is a sales term used to define the complete process of tracking and managing sales leads (prospective customers), from the generation of leads through marketing efforts to their conversion into paying customers and long-term relationships. Many coaches and personal trainers rely almost solely on their website, social media and personal referrals to attract leads. But they typically don’t take the time to really define and improve the whole lead management process to make it work more efficiently.

The good news is that effective lead management doesn’t have to be complex and time-consuming. By starting with a few simple improvements you will be able to attract more leads, keep your leads organized and prioritized, and increase the number of leads you convert to new clients. This will help to ensure that you have a more consistent pipeline of new clients to replace departing athletes and to continue to grow your business when you’re ready.

Target the following 3 areas to create a more effective lead management process that’s easier to manage and produces better results.
1 – Get Organized

Focus your initial efforts on developing a process or finding an application that allows you to organize your leads all in one place. This will provide better visibility, insight and ease of management. You’ll be able to prioritize your leads quickly and spend more time on the important follow-up steps to convert leads to clients.

2 – Automate the Process

By automating just a few steps in your lead management process, you’ll simplify the process and become more organized and efficient. One easy way to automate the way you capture leads is by inserting a Lead Web Form on your business website and social media pages. Ideally, those leads will also be automatically downloaded to an application where you can keep them organized and manage them more easily. You can also take some steps to automate the way to manage and convert those leads by using the lead data you collect to help target your marketing efforts with focused newsletter content, special offers for camps or discounts on training plans.

3 – Understand and Improve

Now you can start to use the information you collect about your leads to help improve the lead management process. Keep track of where your leads were acquired (website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) so you can make better decisions about how to improve your marketing efforts. Use the leads that you capture to increase your marketing contacts list. Track the leads you convert to clients over time to begin to develop best practices and increase the percentage of leads you convert to clients.

AthleteOne provides all of these lead management improvements and more in one application. The best part is that it’s fully integrated with the rest of the athlete, business and financial features in AthleteOne that you need to manage your coaching or personal training business. Start to improve your lead management process today by signing up for a Free 30-Day Trial of AthleteOne or contacting us via support for more information about how to use AthleteOne to improve the way you manage your business.

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