Better File Storage for Your Coaching Business

AthleteOne File Storage and ManagementAthleteOne provides you with better file storage for your coaching business. Whether it’s a new marketing strategy or a better race strategy, a training video or a podium shot you get from an athlete, you’ll be able to find the file you need when you need it. That’s because AthleteOne lets you store all of your coaching business files in the same application where you work.

Improved File Storage Where You Work

Every AthleteOne account includes safe and secure cloud storage for all of your files. Files are easy to upload via drag and drop or from you local file directory. You can also associate each file with a specific AthleteOne contact so it’s easier to find later. No more misplacing those interview forms, contracts, signed waivers, and race results for your Athletes.

AthleteOne makes it just as easy to organize, access and share your files. Just save a file as Public Read so you can share a link with anyone or make it Private to restrict access. Coaches also have the ability to create folders to help organize files more effectively. Best of all is the fact that you’ll never get caught without the correct file again. All of your files can be accessed from anywhere on any smartphone, tablet or computer through your AthleteOne account.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to move your coaching business files to a location where you’re more likely to actually use them. So ditch the paid cloud storage from Google Drive, Dropbox or Box, and clean up your hard drive. Move all of your coaching business files to AthleteOne today.

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See our Knowledge Base articles for step-by-step instructions on File Storage in AthleteOne: How to Use Files.