How to Spend More Time Coaching Your Athletes

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Spend more time with your athletes by managing your business more efficiently.

Most endurance coaches and personal trainers already understand the critical value of spending more time with their athletes. Coaches who commit the extra time to develop and strengthen relationships with their athletes also build trust, improve communication, and see more consistent results in less time. But for coaches and personal trainers who have other careers and busy lives to manage, “how to spend more time coaching your athletes” is a very challenging dilemma. So we urge coaches to follow their own advice – train your weaknesses and race your strengths.

You probably didn’t start your own endurance coaching or personal training business because you love managing spreadsheets and reviewing profit/loss reports. Chances are you started your business because you have a passion for the sport and want to share that passion with others. You’d rather analyze workouts and develop race strategies because that’s what you’re really good at doing. But neglecting the business components of your coaching business is a recipe for trouble. Working inefficiently, performing recurring administrative tasks manually, and using ineffective tools is a huge waste of time. And don’t think your athletes won’t notice.

So let’s take a closer look at how to start to train some of your business management weaknesses so you can work more efficiently and spend more time coaching your athletes.

Use the Right Tools

The single most effective thing you can do to help manage your coaching business in less time is to use the right tools. Think about it — you’re already using this concept to help your athletes improve their performance. You have them monitor things like time, distance, heart rate, power, and nutrition. Then you use specialized tools and applications to help analyze all of this information so you can evaluate performance and provide feedback to improve their training.

You’re probably already using some specialized tools and applications to run your business. But the most effective business management tools should help you save time by allowing you to manage many business functions (i.e., invoices, payments, expense, athlete and lead management, multiple coaches, admin and reporting) in one application. You can record, access and utilize your business information more easily and in less time when it’s all in one place. 

Stay Organized

By using the right tools to manage your business, you’ll also save time because you have an efficient structure to help you stay organized. The minutes you spend every time you have to look for a file, a phone number, an unpaid invoice or notes about an athlete can add up to hours wasted every week. But the right tool can help you easily organize and manage all of your coaching business information in one location. That means you’ll have instant access to all the information you need instead of wasting time looking for it.

AthleteOne lets you record, track, prioritize and manage all of your business tasks, notes, files, calls and meetings. You can even set reminders to make sure you don’t forget the really important stuff. So whether you’re using your laptop at the local coffee shop or checking your phone during a pit stop on the way to a race, you can find all the information you need, when you need it, from anywhere.

Our business management platform is developed specifically for endurance coaches and personal trainers. Check out our previous Post and our Features page for more information about how to keep your business organized and save time.

Our next post will take a closer look at how AthleteOne helps coaches organize and automate invoicing, payments, and expenses to save time.