Improve Coach-Athlete Communication

Effective and Efficient Communication with your Athletes

Working to improve Coach-Athlete communication is easily one of the best ways to improve client satisfaction and athlete results. But while most coaches and personal trainers understand the importance of clear communication, many don’t do it often enough or very well. And that’s mainly due to the fact that good communication takes time.

But the key isn’t just to communicate more frequently. It’s really about effective and efficient communication with your athletes. One easy way to do that is to develop focused messages to your athletes in advance that you can reuse. AthleteOne’s new Email Templates will help you improve Coach-Athlete Communication.

Improve coach-athlete communication


How AthleteOne Email Templates Improve Coach-Athlete Communication

The new AthleteOne Email Templates, introduced in the 0.23.0 Release, allow you to create a simple structure and process to improve Coach-Athlete communication. Start by drafting email templates for your most common types of communications with your athletes (see list below for examples). Take the time to be clear, concise and focused with your messages.

Now you have a list of custom, reusable email templates to choose from when you need to communicate. In addition, you can also modify the email templates to tailor the message for specific athletes and specific situations. Since the most of the time and effort to create the email templates is done only once, you’re already prepared when the need to communicate with your athletes arises. So it’s easier to communicate more frequently and effectively.

Some of the common uses for Email Templates include:

  • A Welcome Email to new athletes
  • A Questionnaire or Survey to athletes
  • A response to a new Lead asking about your services
  • Weekly group run/ride/swim details
  • A monthly newsletter
  • A reminder to athletes to Upload Workouts
  • Notice of Special Pricing for Training Plans

Email Templates make it easier to communicate with your athletes and leads because you already have a draft of your message. You can customize templates on the fly and reuse them. Better yet, you can send the email to one contact or a group of contacts just by using the contact filters. And when you find you have something totally new to communicate, just create a new email template.

Our Using Email Templates Knowledge Base article provides step-by-step instructions to create and customize Email Templates for your unique business needs. So start working to improve your Coach-Athlete communication today. Sign up for a Free 30-Day Trial of AthleteOne to save time and simplify the way you manage your coaching business.