New Athlete Payment Options: Credit Card and Automated Payments

AthleteOne has introduced two new features to improve the payment process for athletes and coaches. The first of new athlete payment options allows athletes to pay with credit/debit cards as a payment method. The second option allows athletes to set up automated payments. These new athlete payment options greatly improve the payment process by providing easy-to-use features for the coach and athlete.

Accepting Credit Cards

Athlete Payment Options Accept Credit Cards and PayPalAs a coach you can now set up your AthleteOne account to integrate with Stripe to accept credit/debit cards from your athletes. This exciting new feature greatly improves the payment process for the athlete as well as coach by making tracking and managing payments much easier. Research shows that you are more likely to be paid faster by accepting credit cards for your business. With your PayPal account connected to AthleteOne, you can give your athletes a choice about how they pay for your coaching services.

Automated Payments

Most athletes are on a recurring coaching service, manually paying for coaching fees every month. Now AthleteOne allows athletes to setup automated payments to pay for their recurring fees on the payment due date. Once approved, AthleteOne will automatically charge the payment method on the invoice due date. Not only does this feature make it easy for athletes to pay coaches for their fees, it saves coaches time by no longer needing to chase past due invoices.


  • Increased athlete retention
  • Significantly reduces past due payments
  • Keeps coach and athlete focused on training
  • Simple, easy and fast payment processing
  • Remembers credit card for easier and faster payment processing

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