New Look and Better Navigation for AthleteOne

As we continue to work toward our upcoming General Availability (GA) release, we thought it was time to focus on developing a new look and better navigation for AthleteOne. The coaches and personal trainers managing their business with AthleteOne tell us they love the features and functionality. But they were also providing feedback that made it clear there was room for improvement. They wanted a cleaner look and feel that would make navigating through the product more efficient. So we took that feedback to heart. Because who doesn’t want to accomplish more work in less time.

The basis for many of the initial User Interface (UI) enhancements in AthleteOne 0.22.0 Release came directly from user feedback. The new look and better navigation for AthleteOne makes it easier for you to manage your coaching business.


New Look

We really wanted the colors in AthleteOne to stand out visually and help direct and enhance navigation. The new black top menu bar and bottom border help to frame the user work area. Green Buttons and underlines on Tabs allow you to quickly identify your location and take action.

  • New users will still see the Welcome Page when they log into AthleteOne (until they disable it).
  • Users who have disabled the Welcome Page will now see the Dashboard on log in.

Better Navigation

Improving the AthleteOne navigation was really as simple as making it easier for users to get from point A to point B. Now you’ll save time with every action you need to perform for your business in AthleteOne.

  • The new top navigation menu allows access to all AthleteOne pages with a single click and makes better use of space.
  • The green New menu item allows users to create new Athletes, Tasks, Invoices, Expenses and more from any page in AthleteOne.
  • Page Filters provide more options for displaying data and now appear on the left side of each page.

Dashboard Personalization

User feedback about the Dashboard is focused primarily on Dashboard personalization. Coaches want to be able to configure the data to match their own specific business needs and priorities. Dashboard improvements include:

  • Ability for users to move widgets to new locations.
  • Ability for user to remove widgets they don’t use.

We plan to add new data, graphs and charts to the Dashboard in future releases. Please contact us via Support to provide feedback and let us know what new Dashboard information you’d like to see for your coaching business.

We also have more UI changes in the works prior to our upcoming GA release. Check out our Blog posts for the latest news and sign up for your Free 30-Day Trial of AthleteOne to get started with simplifying the way you manage your coaching business.