Track Payments from Athletes

One of the more complex and tedious tasks of running a coaching business is to track payments from athletes.   This task can be time consuming each month as you correlate your payments from your current payment system with your athlete list.   Furthermore, being able to see who hasn’t paid, is critical to your business financial health and your income.

AthleteOne allows you to track payments automatically or manually depending on how the athlete pays.  Either way, the payment is matched with your athlete and you can see who has paid or not.   When a payment is made in AthleteOne an email is sent to the Athlete and coach acknowledging the transaction.  Unpaid invoices and showing in the invoice list and on the dashboard gives you quick view of who has and hasn’t paid.

Automatically track payments from athletes

When athletes pay using PayPal or Credit/Debit Card through the AthleteOne invoice the payment is automatically recorded in AthleteOne and marks the invoice as paid.  You can easily track which athlete has paid and which is past due.

Track payments from Athletes

List of current invoices and athletes with payments

Manual Payments

When athletes pay by other means, such as a check, cash, Venmo or the like you can manually add a payment to the invoice.

Additionally, coaches may get paid for random events that may not be associated with an invoice.  This may include training plan sales, clinics or skills camps.

Dashboard and Reports

Use the AthleteOne Dashboard to gain insight on the outstanding invoices and view the report to see which invoices are past due.  You can also use the AthleteOne notifications to send a reminder to your athletes when the invoice is past due.

Track payments from athletes

AthleteOne Dashboard showing past due invoice chart and income and expenses.